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Dewy, glowing skincare Box

Dewy, glowing skincare Box

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Lotion enzyme exfoliator & anti-ageing serum duo promises dewy, clear skin. It's a special one...

  • Anti Ageing Serum 20ml

A potent oil-based serum to revitalise skin and reduce the appearance of ageing, this serum from Naturals Beauty Essential Collection is paraben, synthetic, gluten, and cruelty-free. With ingredients like avocado and olive oil, Evening Primrose, and rosehip oil, this serum is designed to bring new life to your skin and rejuvenate it using natural and organic ingredients.

  • Lotion Enzyme Exfoliator 50ml

Naturals Beauty Essential Collection Enzyme exfoliator is a lotion formulation that contains Papain, a Proteolytic Enzyme found in Papaya Extract, and Bromelain, a Proteolytic Enzyme found in Pineapple Extract.  Both these enzymes gently exfoliate the skin and remove impurities to restore a smooth radiant even-toned complexion.

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