Naturals Beauty was born out of a love and curiosity for natural beauty and body products back in 2007. I became acutely aware of the ingredients only after having a child and was alarmed at all the ‘nasties’ that go into commercial body products. Not having a chemistry background I could only take the range so far so I was delighted in 2009 when I met our wonderful Contract Manufacturer – Louise. Louise comes to Naturals Beauty with 12 years of experience in natural and organic ranges. Her knowledge of botanical extracts and natural preservative systems and organic ingredients has helped us to sophisticate our products. We work as a team researching, developing and producing new and existing products. Our little lab is in the beautiful Wellington and we have an office in Monte Vista, Cape Town.

We are a family run business and have become known for our excellent customer service.

Our products are available in various online stores and also in health and boutique stores, but we definitely enjoy the personal touch of Trade shows where we can get to know our customers and give them personal attention and advice.

Our goal has always been to produce an Ethical, Effective & Affordable natural skincare range.

Tanya du Bois