What are the main skin concerns for teens?

Oily skin is a common problem amongst teens because during adolescence our oil glands become overactive. Sebum is a natural moisturiser produced by your skin. When this is overworked, our skin becomes more oily than normal, which can in turn block pores and cause blackheads and pimples.
Each day our skin naturally loses billions of dead skin cells to stay refreshed and renewed! Because this balance is disrupted during adolescence too many cells can shed, which can also contribute to clog pores and cause breakouts.
Another cause of teenage problematic skin is bacteria - Bacteria is found on every skin (even the cleanest!) but only causes problems during an acne breakout when the bacteria spreads and causes redness, inflammation and irritation.
The Naturals Beauty Teen Skincare range is formulated with buchu extract which is an excellent antibacterial and antimicrobial. The Teen Wash cleanses without drying the skin out or disrupting the pH balance. Our Teen Moisturiser hydrates but does not leave the skin looking shiny. Our Spot Treatment is alcohol-free so no drying of the skin out around the spots. Our Detox Masque contains Kaolin so it does draw impurities from the skin and should be used once weekly as a treatment.
Get into the habit of always doing your entire skincare routine, even if you’re exhausted. The sooner you start, the happier your skin will be and the easier it will be for it to become second nature to you.