Eish, What's Happening To My Skin ?! 😱 Teen Skincare Tips

Hi Gorgeous,

“I gave natural skincare a go, but it made my skin freak the shizzle out!”

Before you swear it off for good, I’d love for you to hear me out. To make the smooth move from big drugstores brands to natural goods, you'll need to commit to the process.

Week 1-4

When you start using natural skincare, your skin may very well go through a detox phase. Skin cells will renew and work harder to get rid of that nasty buildup. Cells are turning over quicker & you may experience purging (like blotches or breakouts) BUT it's a completely normal skin reaction. Keep going {unless it’s burning the freak outta ya skin!}

Week 5-8

This is the honeymoon phase. With the skin toxins almost gone, your fresh face is more welcoming of new & natural skincare products. But still, take it slow and give your skin a chance to test the natural extracts and actives

Week 9-12

The ultimate test of skincare friendship. Take a closer look at your skin. Have you seen an improvement? Because if it's not soft & glowing, it's a no. But if it's a YAY, then it can stay!

Don’t forget to triple check you’re not allergic to anything. From seed & nut allergies to fruit allergies. It’s a legit thing in natural skincare.

Our products are created vegan friendly & natural, but they’re so kind to your skin that they’re formulated with organic fruit actives & seed derived oils, so it’s always best to check your skin is A O.K with that. All ingredients are listed right on the website & on each product label.

Using natural skincare is meant to be enjoyable. So take it slow. Introduce your new skincare products one at a time. If it takes a month to completely skin test your natural skincare range, so be it. But don’t give up! Good things take time.

Much Love

Tanya & the Naturals Beauty Team 🦋

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