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Essential Collection Range -

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South African Natural Skincare Entrepreneur launches new Naturals Beauty range specially for kids...

Tanya du Bois - The startup story of a South African natural beauty product entrepreneur...

Thank you for the speedy and excellent service you continue to supply us with! Your commitment to your business and passion for it clearly shows. Helen H

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For the first eight weeks of his life, Bean absolutely detested bathing... please read the blog message

One of the first things I noticed is reduced redness on my skin, I do have very sensitive skin, and tend to have quite a lot of redness, it felt like the face wash and moisturiser calmed it down.... please read the blog message

Naturals Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Neroli Night Crème

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Scrub your way to Natural Beauty

Gentle Milk wash - "My friend Linda asked me to kindly write a review on the Gentle Milk wash she won for me. I have been using it for a few weeks now on my baby daughter and I must say its really lovely. We have had no skin issues so far. I love the fact that it also rinses off easily and my baby's skin always feels silky soft. Thanks for such a great product. I really recommended it to any Mom. " Linda

Aftershave lotion - "The picture is outdated, I received a pump bottle which is great as it gives a measured dosage which I prefer. This is one of the best aftershave lotions I have used, it spreads smoothly, smells great and soothes my skin. My skin becomes incredibly dry from shaving (And in general) and this lotion keeps is moisturised, smooth and irritation free. I highly recommend this, and it is priced extremely well" Sean

Rooibos Vanilla face cream - I have been using this day cream for a couple of months now and I have started to notice that scars on my face are fading a lot quicker than they used to. Now they are barely noticeable after a few days when before I used to have to use make-up to cover them up for ages after I had gotten rid of the zit that caused it in the first place! My husband loves the yummy smell which also means lots of bonus kisses for me :)

Naturals Beauty products... Please read comments: Beyond 35

Good news for teenagers - Green Times Article

EC milk cleanser - I battle to find a facial cleanser that firstly is mild enough to not leave my sensitive skin looking red and attacked and secondly, isn't so mild and ineffective that I don't feel like my skin is clean.

This cleanser did a great job on both issues!

Great night treatment ***** Robyn on 16th Aug 2011

Avocado night treatment - This night treatment is perfect. The texture and consistency is great, not too think, it flows well without needing to put too much on. It smells divine and best of all it isn't greasy so my boyfriend can also use it and won't complain about it being leaving his face 'all greasy and oily'.

I would really recommend it! Linda Thompson on 13th Jul 2011

Avocado Body Butter - I have tried creams, massage therapy, body scrubs and muscle-burning gym routines but little has helped to combat the grooves that look like a badly paved road. That is until now! I finally think I have found the solution in an Avocado Body Butter from Naturals Beauty. Please read article: Charis Apelgren, 2012/01/17

Facial Scrub - Dear Tanya and Naturals Beauty Team, THANK-YOU for a fabulously effective facial scrub. I have done myself an absolute disservice in not trying out this amazing product sooner. This is truly the best facial scrub I have ever used! For once, a product that actually delivers on its promise. Goodbye whiteheads; hello to radiant looking skin. Thanks again. Best regards Tracy-leigh

Gel cleanser - "I TRULY am so delighted with the gel cleanser and have only used the scrub once but am totally thrilled with the face wash. Thank you very much for you advice and for getting it all ready for me. I knew I needed something more gentle than the one I was using (although no doubt I’ve waited far too long to get the "right" product!!!) I actually do notice my skin feels allot smoother and I shall definitely become a regular customer." Jane Jamison

Face mist - "I absolutely love my Essential Collection face mist, it leaves my skin feeling toned and hydrated. Having a toner in a spray is great, no more searching for a cottonwool bud, just so convenient! and it smells lovely too! definitely one of my new favourites" Emilee

Exfoliator - "One of the best I've used! Highly recommended!!" Angie

Hydrating masque - “This is an amazing product-will def order again. Did not even wash off last application as feels so good on the skin seemed a waste to wash it away!" Lauren

Well done - 'I just want to compliment Tanya on the products the she has produced, I am currently using the face wash, scrub, day cream and the aftershave which for me has been the best I've used.' Stephen Kelly

Essentials Collection night cream - 'Revolutionary. Thick, luxurious and leaves your skin plump, soft and moisturised. The best night cream I've ever used.' Michelle Willmers

Essential Collection Hydrating masque - 'Addicted to this product. Masque applies smoothly and the moisturising effect is visible for a full week. I love it.' Michelle Willmers

Natural’s products - 'I’ve been using Natural’s products for years, my favorite has to be the hand creams. Once I year I do a big order for the teacher’s presents. Believe me, they’re a hit. My son’s teacher told me that she even after she’d swum in her pool, she still felt the moisturizer on her. I love her scrubs, and always feel pampered after using them. Naturals are a must have for your beauty regime, and make excellent gifts. I popped into a popular retailer the other day, and remarked that she stocked Naturals, her reply was, “They’re an absolute favorite.” I’m not surprised.' Vanessa Levenstein

Essentials Day cream - 'Hi Tanya..... this is not said lightly.... I have the most awefully touchy skin, and reacts to all sorts of SPF/alpha hydroxy stuff. Bought some of the Essentials Day cream at Century market after you had left.......IT IS SUPERB!! No reactions, etc and skin loves it!! THANKYOU!' Susan Molzen

Skincare at its best - 'I have been using Naturals Beauty products for over a year now and was recently introduced to the Essentials Collection. The 'Day' and 'Night' Face Creme is not only whipped to a delicious smelling almost edible mousse like consistency, but is easily absorbed into my skin and smells so refreshing. I would highly recommend this product particularly, especially if one is spending time outside in the often harsh South African sun. I hope to see Naturals Beauty continue to bring out different products for me to try!' January 2010 : Phillipa Morris from Cape Town

The power of fresh, organic products in skin care - 'I started using Naturals Beauty products about 6 months ago and now I'm totally converted to the power of fresh, organic products in skin care. Having spent most of my adult life paying outrageous amounts of money for packaging and marketing (and additional carbon footprint due to them being imported products) and mainly false promises, it is so awesome to find a product that really feels as if its nourishing my skin.I am currently using the day cream, night cream (totally, wildly LOVE this one), the white sugar scrub (everyday, because I can't resist it), the wrinkle banisher, the rose and almond hand creme and body cream and I just bought myself the cellulite gel! I have used the body scrub products as gifts for clients, friends and family and they are all totally delighted the first time they get a whiff of all that awesome goodness. My mother is now also using the day and night cream as well as various other hand creams and totally totally loving the wrinkle banisher.Naturals Beauty has restored our faith in home-grown South African skin care with an environmental conscious and an authentic, honest approach to marketing and packaging. Plus, we LOVE getting to speak to and email Tanya directly about her products! I feel like I'm doing even more for the environment as well as taking extra good care of myself when I use Naturals Beauty. All round - a special experience! Thanks Tanya!' Yvette Kruger

White Sugar Scrub - "The Naturals range by Tanya du Bois is my latest discovery. Using only the best natural ingredients, the White Sugar Scrub exfoliates and nourishes beautifully." Elle editor, Jackie Burger

Peppermint & Neroli hand crème - "For someone who never used hand cream on a regular basis before, this is a lovely light product to use and my hands feel and smell wonderful. Awesome products!" Phillipa

Sensual Duo - "This is another absolute must-have for me. I love the subtle aroma of the essential oils and my partner appreciates them too" Phillipa

Sweet Orange wrinkle banisher - "This product has become part of my daily beauty routine for day and night. It has replaced expensive eye creams I used in the past and works even better. I absolutely love it and would not want to do without it. Thank-you Naturals." Tracy-Leigh


Peppermint & Neroli hand wash - "Been using this hand wash for about 2 month's now. Amazed by it's unusual and refreshing fragrance and the cooling after effects of the peppermint. Good to see some other products from this range, will definitely be trying some out." Hamish


I have sensitive, dry skin and the avocado night cream has worked wonders. I often have reactions to other beauty products but the all natural Naturals range has left my skin soft and smooth. Nicola

The Naturals White Sugar scrub is a must. A perfect mix of scrub and moisturiser for silky smooth sexy skin. A great bath-time treat. Michelle

The Naturals range of hand cremes are amazing. I'll never buy any other hand product again. And they make for perfect gifts. M.Willmers

Wrinkle Banisher - since using this product, the lines around my mouth; eyes and between my eyes have become noticeably less. So much so that I have been asked if I have had a face lift!! It’s my new daily miracle face product. Gail

Bathroom Sets – finally, a hand wash; hand crème and matching room and linen spray for use in my bathrooms!!! The smells are heavenly; the hand crèmes absorb right in (no oily residue on everything you touch) and with the neutral packaging, they fit right into any colour scheme. Gail

Naturals Beauty Range has the best Scrubs ! Beats anything I have ever used. HELEN

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